California Regulators Talk Thermopile

The County of Marin Public Health Department arranged a meeting with the Thermopile team, CalRecycle, Regional Water Quality Control Board and Environmental Health Services to talk Thermopile Project Demonstration. Attendees included Rebecca Ng and Mark Janofsky from County Public Health, Blair Allen from Region 2 Water Quality Control Board, Robert Holmes and Reinhard Hohlwein from CalRecycle, and John Wick, John Hulls, Jeff Creque and Gabby Pecora from the Thermopile Project.

The Thermopile Project got the green light from Water Quality Control, CalRecycle and the County to continue with planning and implementation of the project on a demonstration scale. Allen was able to give the Thermopile Project useful insight to data and research the Regional Water Board would like to see as it pertains to application of compost moving forward with the project, while Holmes from CalRecycle asked for composting protocols and PhyloChip details to review and consider while rewriting CalRecycle’s compost regulations. Ng and Janofsky outlined specific tests they would like to see along side of PhyloChip results on the finished compost and requested a full proposal and set of protocols used.

The Thermopile team is grateful to have the opportunity to work with County and State regulators on this level and would like to thank especially Rebecca Ng and the County of Marin for facilitating and hosting this meeting.